Light Fleet Aircraft Carriers - Centaur Class

May 1954 Completed
1954 Christmas at Malta
1954 to 1955 First Commission in the Mediterranean (Malta)
1956 In the Mediterranean for the Suez Crisis
July 1956 Carried military equipment from Portsmouth to Malta
January 1961 After 18 months in Far East, South African and South American waters, she was taken in hand for conversion into a Commando Carrier
3rd November 1962 Left Portsmouth & following month was involved in the Brunei rebellion
1963 Malaysian/Indonesian border troubles
1967 Helped in British Withdrawal from Aden during Far East Commission
9th October 1973 Purchased for use in North Sea oilfields, left Portsmouth for the Clyde to be converted to crane ship for service with oil rigs. New owners Wilson Watson Organisation.
16th November 1973 Towed to Faslane for breaking up - plans to convert her having been cancelled



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