HMS Bulwark, Albion & Centaur Association
Privacy Statement

New legislation came into force in 2000 as regards data protection.

Obtaining Data
The Association obtains its Membership Data primarily from :

  • Membership Application and Renewal Forms
  • Association Officers

Data Use
The personal data held about members is used for various purposes including : 

  • To maintain records of Membership of both current and previous members, including personal identifiers and payments.
  • To respond to queries from Members and Association Officers
  • To distribute information to members, including the R08 magazine

The Association is pledged not to hold unnecessary, out of date or inaccurate information about its members, nor to pass its members details to any other organisation.

The Association only discloses information concerning members when relevant to :-

  • To the Member and his immediate family
  • To Association Officers and Members.

Members Rights
Members may request in writing details of the personal data that the Association hold about them and also that the Association stops using this information to inform them about it's services.

If a member believes that the Association's use of personal data could cause damage or distress, then the Member may write to the Association and request that the Association stops using the data for that particular purpose.

Queries or Concerns
If a Member has any queries or concerns regarding the Association's use of personal data, then please contact the Secretary - Denis Askham.